ia84.pngThese are all my tweets. I'll be back as soon as my tweets are full on my cell. It's kind of fun like I'm back to the days I used to study English every day. Maybe, because I was energetic and positive at everything at then. Always I was with my girl friends even though I didn't have a BF. I think I was with them except going to work. Just hanging out and talking about nothing. I definitely had problems about my feature and job and what I wanted to do and my relationship though. Anyway, those are my treasure and they give me confidence every time I lose my way. I really appriciate about what I've done!! So, here we go.

Depressed about everything.
I thought it would be great for us if we asked our friends to party.

It was long time to see her. I had really great time talking with her and I finally bought presents for my friends.

I should've woken up early though, It was so much fun with him not having any plan. Plus, I finally got to drink honey shake at Macdonalds! Good taste!

Today was the day I go to feel I am happy having a husband like him. Sweet and always just be there for me no matter what. And, it is just what I wanted.

Today is my father in low's birthday so we went to give him a birthday present we'd ordered on the net to his home. The present is a ball point pen. I am glad to see his smile and I hope he will like it. On the way back to our home, we stopped by at a drug store to buy some sweets. It was fun to pick sweets with him.


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