hyy.pngToday was a nice day as always:) My husband and my mom and I visited at a wedding restaurant together for making a check of our up coming wedding ceremony. It'll be on next spring but we had not decided the place. Actually, we'd made a reservation at one of the wedding ceremony place, but it was kind of too far. You know, it was like you can't go without driving or like that. Plus,you can't say it has nearest station since it's too FAR. The place where we went to was really nice. You can say it's kind of casual to have a wedding. But, My husband and I love that point. We don't like too formal things, you know?? Also, we wanted a person who can take care of our wedding and the person in charge seems very nice and kind!!! Maybe, That's the best reason why we wanted to have a wedding at this place!!! Though we didn't make a reservation today, we'll do it soon. I'm so excited:) Can't wait to try on some dresses next time!!

そして昨日は姉と母と彼と私の四人で花火大会に行ってきました。川沿いで持参したお弁当や飲み物を飲んだりすごーく楽しかったです!!!! 花火もこんなに間近でさえぎるものもなく見れたのは初めてでした!!! 写真に動画もばっちりとれたよ。凄く綺麗だったな~。冬に見る花火の方が好きになりました。来年も絶対に行きたいです♪ 今日は上記の下見の他に、イオンや図書館にも行きました。図書館ではいつものように雑誌を中心に借りました。図書館のおかげで毎月の図書代金が無くなりました。節約、節約!!! 夜は友達が遊びにきてくれて誕生日プレゼントに結婚祝金も用意してくれたり。感謝でいっぱいです(>_<) またお返し用意しなくっちゃ(b・ω・d) プレゼントのボディクリームすごく良いにおいでした。 あ、あと彼と今日からサイコパスを見始めました。まだ三話目だけどすごく面白いです。なんかMOZUとかのドラマを見ているみたい。笑 それにエンディングのEGOISTが素敵。明日からまた主婦業頑張るぞ!!!!



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