Celeb-BLPB-01-1.pngI've never known that I'd be like this. Who could've imagined this at that moment when you were totally happy? I'm not gonna say who it was or who was bad. You know, it was past and you can't do anything from past, just learn. At that moment, I was devasted. I couldn't believe what happened to me. But, I'm hanging on somehow. It was too hard to believe at first though. This time, I feel I'll be okay by myself. Yeah, I'm not acting tough or I'm kidding. Or not wishing to get back together again. I'm meaning it this time. Tomorrow's another day. Anywai, I'm happy:) Plua, I'm excied about what I'm gonna do!!!!! You know, I'm still 25 years old. Well, maybe you say 25 years old is not young though. I've benn thinking about getting a driver's liecence for several years. I think this is the best time to try it. I've got enough time!!!:) Only problem is just money. It costs over 300,000yenas what I'd checked out at an official site where I'll go to. I can pay but such an expensive challenge. I'm not sure I can get passed all of exam. Especially, at skill pracice. I'll get scared when I drive a car first time. I bet it!!! Anyway, I'd asked the driving school for some texts to make sure how much it'll be. Can't wait to open it!

II'm into a song called "RED" by Taylor Swift. This is such a beaustiful song I've ever heard. The lyrics are great. I've been a fan of her but this song will be the best song ever.


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