So happy:)

I gave my best friends's birthday party with my another best friends at commonly restraunt!!! Her birthday was already past but I wanted to give a birthday party. Especially, a big sweet surprise party. So I'd planned to give a surprise party for her with my another best friend behind from her!!!! But as working overtime these days, planning was more harder than I'd thought. You know, I'm not a type of girls who are dedicated at all so sometimes my friends told me that I should just reply e-mails or call. I sould get rid of this bad habit though. But I really tried this time all for her. Yeah, it was hard to plan and e-mail during working. After this party, I really realized it was good to give her this party. For bith of her and me. I got to realize that I love to make people smile or get happy. Plus, too much fun catching up with them!!!! They are too good listener. They cheered me up!!!

Can't wait to go to Ohanami with them. It'll be next month:)
Anyway, time to sleep, I gotta go to bed. Bye.


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