I've just started reading English books again. Well, hard to describe this feeling but I'm kind of proud of myself:) Why I'm thinking this way is, I hadn't studied English at all for several years. For English speakers or people learning English, it's much more header to get it once you stop studying. In fact, I forgot most of words or meaning or spellings while I didn't. So, this brings back memories. As reading English books, I can feel how great and fun English is and why I was so into this at that time. And also, how my English skills are still in me. Even though my sills difintely got down:p Whoa, I loved English. English gave confidence for me who didn't have nothing. And this time happened totally the same as the last one. Well, now I have work and don't have much courage to go abroad so I'll do this for just one of my hobbies.

BTW, the book I'm reading now is, Gossip Girl. I looooove this book!!!! I have all of them!!!! And also I watch drama too!!!! Most favorite character is Serena but watching drama, I also love Blair. In drama, she's very familiar girl like one of us.


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